The Mighty Jambo Volume 1: A Quiche Too Far

Image of The Mighty Jambo Volume 1: A Quiche Too Far

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The Mighty Jambo may well be Britain’s premier jam-powered crime fighter but that doesn’t mean he’s got it made. After foiling what appeared to be a simple robbery he finds himself in the eye of a storm!

Now Jambo and his sidekick (just don’t say that to his face) The Astonishing Cheezar must battle mysterious ninjas and all manner of super powered thugs hired by The Sinister Quichara to make sure that the not-so-dynamic-duo never intervene in one of her schemes again!

Can they survive the onslaught? Will the city be saved from evil’s clutches? Will Jambo and Cheezar ever stop arguing? Find out the answer to all/some/none of these questions with the first storyline from George Beedham's The Mighty Jambo inside this humble volume which you can read with your very own eyes!

(Collects The Mighty Jambo Issues 1-4 and the print-exclusive epilogue "Just gotta stick with it!")